Who Are We?

Mission statement

Providing a platform for artist to inspire youth to make a positive impact for their community.

Vision statement

Giving Black youth across the globe the opportunity to use art to tell their stories.

What started this?

In the Beginning, a desire to transform youth through different art forms was birthed from attending Spoken Word Events (Penson Temple & Speak Life Chicago) From there, Co-Founder Justin Camper decided to organize his first spoken word event at Purdue Calumet, which due to the pack audiences and great talent made it a huge success. Furthermore, he continued to organize additional spoken word events that lived up to the huge success of the previous program. This eventually let to on December 27, 2016, Co-Founder Justin and Jesse Camper (brothers) deciding to create a event planning company know as “JC Productions LLC”; an event planning company that helped artists to inspire youth in their community.

What is it all about?

We are here because we understand the value and potential in youth to see them grow and flourish in a positive way within our communities. We are a group of educated, zealous, passionate, young people who are dedicated to organizing events in different art forms such as singing, spoken word poetry, dance, etc.

Meet Our Team

Production Manager-design
Production Manager-Stage

Production Manager
Production Manager-Operations
Human Resource Director/Production Manager
Cofounder-Head Production Manager
Cofounder/Marketing Director

and what they say

  • "The marketing strategy was OUTSTANDING...The control of the environment was amazing."
    Christal Luster / Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Author
  • "It's been amazing, nothing but great reviews. People has been hitting me up every day about Lovephest"